Lori Phillips


Lori and her twin sister mezzo-soprano Mary Phillips dazzle in Masterpieces of Russian Vocal Music: Enchanted Evening of Vocal & Piano Duets on December 8, 2016, with the Russian Chamber Art Society at La Maison Française at The Embassy of France, Washington, DC.

"Soprano Lori Phillips and mezzo-soprano Mary Phillips, twin sisters who have been critically acclaimed in opera houses and on concert stages both here and abroad, had performed together just once before until this concert, giving this recital an unusual distinction. From the first two songs, Mikhail Glinka’s “How Sweet It Is to Be with You” and “You Won’t Come Again,” their ease of production and harmonic convergence were evident. Both singers displayed a dramatic soprano’s range and a burnished tonal brilliance, while amiably anticipating each other’s cues and facilitating their entrances. Closing the first half of the program, Arensky’s “Violet” (op. 29, no. 3) offered the rare pleasure of hearing both singers sustain the same high note in unison, the sound gloriously ringing and rounded, followed by Aleksandr Gretchaninov’s “Day Dreams,” in which first Lori, then Mary hit a climactic top note with stunning clarity and thrilling richness. Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov’s “Angel and Demon” (op. 52, no. 4), the two sopranos/spirits pulled it off with masterful persuasiveness, each of them equally determined to convince the listener of her own (character’s) superiority. To conclude the program, Lori and Mary Phillips (with Danchenko-Stern at the piano) offered three duets by Tchaikovsky. First came the soothing and poetic “Lisa and Polina Duet” (lyrics by Pushkin) from his opera Queen of Spades, which the three musicians gave a harmonious rendering.  The song “Tears” (op. 46, no. 3) was among the composer’s “favorite offspring.” The Phillips sister’s voices’ timbre, like that of two impeccably tuned instruments were seamlessly bowed, played one mood, that of impassioned sorrow. The fusion reached apotheosis with the final song, “Passion Has Fled,” the dramatic intensity heightening as each singer picked up the narrative from the other—“Everything that is not boring is false”—“Everything that is not you is colorless and dead”—the two voices increasingly indistinguishable; in the end, a vocally turbo-charged twin engine emitting a single, searing sound. They were, of course, two: just as there were two superbly complementary and coordinating pianists who, while not blood relatives, seemed to similarly sense and experience each other not just musically, but kinetically and artistically. It doesn’t get much better than that."
- Leslie Weisman, D.C. Metro Arts - December 11, 2016
Published: January 15, 2017

DC Metro Arts


Lori returns to Washington National Opera to sing Helmwige and cover Brünnhilde in Die Walküre on May 2, 11 and 18 and Götterdämmerung on May 6, 15 and 22, 2016
Published: March 12, 2016

Washington National Opera


Lori Phillips as Brünnhilde in <i>Siegfried</i>


Lori steps in at the last minute as Ariane in Ariane et Barbe-Bleue with Opéra national du Rhin with performances at Strasbourg Opéra and La Filature, Mulhouse May 4, 6, 15 & 17, 2015. Her performance was aired live on FranceTV and is available online until June 6. Watch this stunning production here
Published: May 15, 2015

Ariane et Barbe-Bleue


Wonderful reviews for Lori Phillips as Senta in Der fliegender Holländer with Victorian Opera!

"American soprano Lori Phillips sings the role of Senta with steely intensity, colouring the drama with a luscious, full-bodied sound. Phillips keeps her facial and expressions pared back, focusing all expression through her voice. Playing a young woman who is unhealthily obsessed with a ghostly legend, Phillips avoids histrionics and melodrama, maintaining a demure, introverted feminine presence."
Simon Parris - February 15, 2015

"American soprano Lori Phillips was a first-rate Senta, with a beauteous tone and clear diction."
Michael Shmith, The Sydney Morning Herald - February 15, 2015

"American soprano Lori Phillips was a convincing Senta, delivering her famous ballad with the familiarity of someone sharing every twist and turn of the unfortunate Dutchman's fate, while never doubting her capacity to save him. Her scenes with the despairing Erik, and then with the Dutchman in their duet of hope and promise, were gripping."
Peter Bassett, Limelight Magazine - February 16, 2015
Published: February 22, 2015

Lori Phillips as Senta in The Flying Dutchman


Australia's Classical Music Magazine Limelight interviews Lori Phillips about Victoria Opera's new 3D production of Der fliegender Holländer ! Read the article here.
Published: January 13, 2015

Limelight Magazine

Lori Phillips is nominated for a Grammy for Milhud's The Oresteia of Aeschylus!

Kenneth Kiesler conducts the University of Michigan Symphony, University Choir, Orpheus Singers, and UMS Choral Union, and soloists Lori Phillips, Dan Kempson, Sidney Outlaw, Sophie Delphis, Brenda Rae, Tamara Mumford, Jennifer Lane, Julianna Di Giacomo, Kristin Eder. (Naxos)

"Soprano Lori Phillips as Clytemnestra is consistently outstanding…beautifully in tune with the chorus, and outlining the general thrust of where the work is, musically, to take us."
International Record Review - November, 2014

"It is…an intriguing document—and with a cast including Lori Phillips, Brenda Rae, Tamara Mumford, Sidney Outlaw, and Julianna Di Giacomo, gets, on this lone outing, an impressive performance."
Anne Midgette, he Washington Post- November, 2014

"…soprano Lori Phillips sings Clytemnestra splendidly."
Roger Knox, The Whole Note - December, 2014
Published: January 13, 2015

Grammy nominee


Lori makes her debut with Victorian Opera in Melbourne, Australia as Senta in Der fliegender Holländer in February, 2015.
Published: October 7, 2014

Victorian Opera


Lori shines as Santuzza in Cavalleria rusticana with Amarillo Opera on October 4 & 5, 2014.

"Amarillo Opera's season opened with a staging of Cavalleria Rusticana and I Pagliacci, a double-bill featuring strong performances by guest artists like the divine Lori Phillips (Santuzza in Cavalleria) and Raul Melo (Turiddo and Canio in the respective operas). Though Pagliacci is the more well-known, I far preferred Cavalleria – both for its melodramatic bombast and for Phillips' star turn."
- Chip Chandler, Globe News Amarillo - October 6, 2014
Published: October 7, 2014

Amarillo Opera


Naxos releases the world premiere recording of Milhud's The Oresteia of Aeschylus with Lori Phillips and the University of Michigan Symphony Orchestra conducted by Kenneth Kiesler.

Part of the great French musical tradition and a member of Les Six, Darius Milhaud was an important avant-garde figure in early 20th century Paris. The Oresteia of Aeschylus trilogy arose from his lifelong interest in Greek mythology and drama, inspired by the expressive, syncopated rhythms of Paul Claudel's poetic texts. In addition to innovative rhythmic elements, the trilogy exhibits complex harmonic techniques, particularly polytonality, which Milhaud believed gave him more varied ways of expressing sweetness in addition to violence.
Published: October 4, 2014

The Oresteia of Aeschylus


On April 28, at 6 pm, the Embassy of the Czech Republic will present Phoenix from the Ashes: Terezín in Words and Music, featuring Lori Phillips and Judith Lynn Stillman (pianist and composer, The Juilliard School, BM, MM and DMA). The program, which features Phoenix from the Ashes, a song cycle by Stillman, based upon poetry from Vedem: The Secret Publication by the Boys of Terezin, also includes selected music by Viktor Ullmann, Gideon Klein, and Ilse Weber. For more information about upcoming cultural programs, visit www.mzv.cz/washington.
Published: April 24, 2014


Czech Consulate


Lori returns to The Metropolitan Opera roster covering Marie in Wozzeck in March, 2014.
Published: March 1, 2014

Metropolitan Opera


Lori continues to make her mark as one of the most distinctive Wagnarian sopranos to emerge in recent years in Der fliegender Holländer with Arizona Opera.

"Dramatic soprano Lori Phillips made her Met début with Senta in 2010. Vocally, she rides the orchestra with no hint of strain, and tones it all down, with lyrical and well-controlled pianissimos when required. As an experienced Wagnerian, she brings commanding presence and the most persuasive sense of line in her "Ballad." Phillips creditably portrays the impassioned fulfillment of the young woman's dream and the shedding of her useless existence. Her Senta is introspective, neurotic, and powerful without sacrificing femininity."
- Christian Dalzon - Concertonet.com, November, 2013

"A powerful Senta, Lori Phillips' bright sound energized the text and made her rendition exciting. She is just beginning to emerge as a true dramatic soprano but she is already singing with a distinctively colored sound. It has been many years since a soprano brought as much exhilaration to this role as Phillips did on Saturday night."
- Maria Nockin - Opera Today, November 19, 2013
Published: December 7, 2013

Arizona Opera


Lori returns to Arizona Opera as Senta in Der fliegender Holländer on November 15, 16 & 17 in Phoenix and on November 23 & 24, 2013 in Tuscon.
Published: April 11, 2013

Arizona Opera


Lori sings Senta in Der fliegender Holländer with Michigan Opera Theater at the Detroit Opera House on October 19, 23 & 26 , 2013.
Published: November 19, 2013

Stellar Reviews:

"Soprano Lori Phillips, as Senta, ...debuted with a bang....she's the real deal: a Wagnerian soprano with herculean lungs who also knows how to project subtlety when it's needed, as she did in her second act Ballad."
- George Bulanda - Detroit News, Oct. 20, 2013

"Playing Senta is American Soprano Lori Phillips. Her beautifully robust, colorful voice is well matched with Gazheli's (Thomas Gazheli, who sang the Dutchman)."
- Patty Nolan - Detroit Theater Examiner, Oct. 20, 2013

"The Flying Dutchman is a vocally challenging opera-although soprano Lori Phillips, who plays Senta, made it seem like a walk in the park on opening night…Phillips' dramatic vibrato and incredible range are the ear candy of the second and third acts".
- Samantha White - Detroit Morning Sun

"Lori Phillips as Senta ...offered plenty of gutsy power..."
- Mark Stryker - Detroit Free Press, Oct. 20, 2013
Published: November 19, 2013

Michigan Opera Theater


Lori powerfully portrays Brünnhilde once again in Minnesota Concert Opera's Mini-Ring

"As Brünnhilde, Lori Phillips had a soprano that soared easily through the heights of the role. She successfully conveyed the character's transition from goddess to woman, and her rage at being betrayed by Siegfried was a dramatic highlight."
- Minneapolis Star Tribune - September 14, 2013

"Lori Phillips recently garnered raves in Seattle Opera's RING while filling in for Brünnhilde and proved why here, her spine-tingling voice imbued with power and subtlety.";
- Pioneer Press - September 14, 2013
Published: September 24, 2013

Minnesota Concert Opera


Lori continues her thrilling triumph as Brünnhilde in Seattle Opera's Götterdämmerung

"Lori Phillips, who stepped in for a still-indisposed Alwyn Mellor in the role of Brünnhilde, was in excellent voice, pouring out high notes of thrilling quality and exhibiting a graceful ease throughout her middle register. Both principals (with Stefan Vinke as Siegfried) are persuasive, savvy actors, a particularly vital element in this theatrically exciting staging by Stephen Wadsworth."
- Melinda Bargreen, Special to The Seattle Times - August 10, 2013

"Lori Phillips, sang the last two evenings of the first cycle. Her singing showed remarkable security and, especially in the immolation scene, good upper-register power.";
- Mark Mandel, Opera News - August 2013

"Lori Phillips stepped in once again, and that in turn meant that between her and tenor Stefan Vinke, this performance boasted the single best Brünnfried combo the Stephen Wadsworth production has yet witnessed. Phillips sure seems like the real deal. She's got a big, tireless voice with enough color and clarity to do more than simply ride out the assignment; she brought pathos and emotional transparency to Act 2 and her Immolations scene was a forceful and canny response to the scene's challenges." ;
- Joshua Kosma, San Francisco Chronicle - Aug. 19, 2013
Published: August 10, 2013

Seattle Opera


Lori celebrates backstage with the cast and artistic staff of Seattle Opera's Siegfried
Published: August 10, 2013

Seattle Opera
From the left Asher Fisch, Conductor; Stephen Wadsworth, Director; Greer Grimsley, Wotan; Richard Paul Fink, Alberich; Lori Phillips, Brünnhilde, Jay Baylon; Stefan Vinke, Siegfried; Speight Jenkins, General Director; Lucille Beer, Erda and Daniel Sumegi, Fafner


Critical acclaim for Lori Phillips as Brünnhilde in Seattle Opera's Siegfried

"When Seattle Opera general director Speight Jenkins stepped on to the stage just before the last act of Siegfried, the grateful audience erupted in applause. How nice! He came out for a curtain call! In their enthusiasm the listeners had forgotten that almost the only reason a general director takes the stage is to deliver bad news: In this case, the cancellation of Alwyn Mellor (as Brünnhilde), who had awakened with an allergy attack that morning and could not sing. (Jenkins later said he had waited until the last act of Siegfried, the only act in which Brünnhilde sings, for the announcement so that the audience wouldn’t be thinking about the cast change during the two preceding acts.)

As it happened, the replacement singer was Lori Phillips, a company regular who opened last season in the title role of Turandot... she did an excellent job of both singing and acting on Wednesday evening. Her voice is powerful and resonant, her stage presence unaffected and convincing."
- Melinda Bargreen, Special to The Seattle Times - August 9, 2013

"Wednesday's performance brought another equally memorable thrill, which was soprano Lori Phillips' full-throated and beautifully expressive Brünnhilde. Phillips gave a superb performance, marked by throaty, richly colored vocalism and a wonderfully focused theatrical demeanor." ;
- Joshua Kosma, San Francisco Chronicle - Aug. 9, 2013
Published: August 10, 2013

Seattle Opera


Lori steps in at the last minute in her role debut as Brünnhilde in Seattle Opera's August 7, 2013 performance of Siegfried and again sings Brünnhilde in the August 9th performance of Götterdämmerung! Read the story here.
Published: August 10, 2013

Lori in her dressing room as she prepares for her role debut as Brünnhilde in Siegfried.


Lori covers Brünnhilde in The Ring Cycle with Seattle Opera on August 5, 7, 9, 13, 15, 17, 21, 23, 25, 2013.
Published: August 9, 2012

Seattle Opera


Lori returns to The Metropolitan Opera roster covering Brünnhilde in The Ring Cycle on April 13, 20, 23, 26, 29, May 2, 6, 8, 11, 2013.
Published: January 21, 2013

Metropolitan Opera


Lori Phillips records Milhaud's L'Orestie with the University of Michigan on April 4, 2013.
Published: August 9, 2012


High praise for Lori Phillips as Turandot with Seattle Opera!

"The star on opening night was Lori Phillips in the title role. Her thrilling soprano cut through the orchestral maelstrom with magisterial ease. She played the man-hating princess with steely hauteur, and she looked great, especially in her Klimt-ish gown for the closing scene."
-  Bernard Jacobson, Special to the Seattle Times - August 6, 2012
Published: August 9, 2012


Lori sings the title role in Turandot with Seattle Opera on August 4, 8, 11, 15, 17 & 18, 2012. Click here to read her Seattle Times interview.
Published: August 9, 2012

Seattle Opera


Lori talks about her previous appearance with Arizona Opera as Santuzza in Cavalleria Rusticana.